Murphey Candler Blue vs Milford

I photographed the championship game of the Murphey Candler Little League 10 year old regional tournament at Murphey Candler Park in Dunwoody on Wednesday June 22, 2011. The Murphey Candler Blue team took on Milford with the winner moving on to the next round in Toccoa. These are my favorite images from the game. If you are interested in seeing all of the photos from the game click on the Buy Prints link above or click here

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on “Murphey Candler Blue vs Milford
One Comment on “Murphey Candler Blue vs Milford
  1. A old wise man ( A former coach) said that Genuine (Big G) Potts has a athletic angel around him, being that he comes from a blood line of several successful athletics including retired professional great grand dad, dad and mom received athletic scholarships. Every team that Big G has played on, whether its baseball, basketball or football has had victory. And every time when he didn’t show up the team lost. It would have been a different turn out had he played this particular game. Good job Milford.

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