A Night Out at the Georgia Beer Garden

August 18, 2017

The guys at Joystick Game Bar have brought their latest creation to life in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of Atlanta. Head over to 420 Edgewood Ave. to be exact and you will find the Georgia Beer Garden. Behind the doors of the large brick building may be the most complete offering of breweries and cideries from around Georgia. Specifically Georgia. The tap house touts somewhere around 110 beers and ciders all locally made right here in the Peach State. 24 of those delicious adult beverages are on tap. Right now there are plans for the kitchen to get started in the Fall but for now if you get hungry 95th St. Tacos sets up shop on the weekends handing out all sorts of delicious Mexican cuisine (as long as it’s tacos). So grab a brew and a taco and then head outside to the spacious, blocked in patio. Complete with picnic tables, cornhole, and mood lights, the patio is a great place to enjoy the evenings in the city!

Georgia Beer Garden sits at 420 Edgewood Ave. in Atlanta.

Place your order for a tasty adult beverage with your friendly neighborhood bartender.

Want to know what’s on tap? Just look over the bar with the current offerings.

Slinging beer behind the bar. Georgia Beer Garden has over 100 beers and ciders from breweries all over Georgia, 24 of those are on tap.

Grab a can or a freshly poured pint.

The outdoor courtyard at Georgia Beer Garden is spacious and a great place to enjoy the cooler evenings of summer.

The bar at Georgia Beer Garden can get busy quickly on a Friday night.

Instead of sitting at the bar, grab a pint and a booth.

Tracee Ginyard with 95th St. Tacos heats up tortillas inside the Georgia Beer Garden.

95th St. Tacos’ vegan Thai tacos next to a cool pint.

95th St. Tacos’ carne asada street tacos.

Decisions decisions. With over 100 beer and cider choices from breweries all over Georgia, the process can be hard sometimes.

Georgia Beer Garden has an extensive outdoor area with picnic tables, cornhole, benches, lights, a patio. A place to enjoy the evenings outdoors.

Playing cornhole and enjoying the evening as twilight falls over the city.

Strike up a conversation while hanging out inside.

Strike up a conversation while hanging out inside.