Larkin on Memorial

August 24, 2016

Memorial Dr. is a main thoroughfare through the city. It leads from East Atlanta all the way downtown towards the Capitol Building and beyond. The property that lines the road is usually a little derelict looking but that is changing. Multiple multi-use properties are in the works. The Atlanta Dairies is one. But closer to completion is Larkin on Memorial. The property, right across the street from Oakland Cemetery, will include a Primrose School, multiple restaurants, Grant Park Market, ACE Hardware, office space and more. Construction is still underway but the first phase will be open to the public sometime this Fall.

The Larkin property on Memorial Dr. will include eateries, an ACE Hardware, Grant Park Market, a Primrose School, office space and more.

The Larkin property on Memorial is right across the street from Oakland Cemetery.

The red brick building will be the Primrose School, the middle space is covered parking, the windows mark a still vacant space and on the right will be Squash Blossom.

The left space is still vacant but talks are in for another restaurant, the middle will be a shared outdoor patio, behind that space is the second floor office space and the wooden building to the right will be Full Commission.

Full Commission to the left and space for more service oriented tenants to the right.

The two spaces on the left are still vacant while the space on the right will be Squash Blossom and Kale Me Crazy at the far end.

Squash Blossom will be taking over the space behind the excavator.

Ramen Station is going in where the five Xs are on the windows right next to Grant Park Market.

Kale Me Crazy will share an awesome brick wall with Fire Pit Pizza.

Construction continues on the more service oriented tenant building at Larkin’s property on Memorial Dr.

The interior second floor of the more service oriented space on property.

Full Commission on the left and Fire Pit Pizza on the right.

Brick and lots of glass inside Fire Pit Pizza’s space.

Brick and steel inside the second floor office space.

Light filters through the numerous windows of the second floor office space illuminating the awesome brick walls.

Oakland Cemetery can be seen from the second floor office space on the property.

Grant Park Marketplace’s space on the Larkin property.

The interior of Grant Park Market.

The interior of Grant Park Market.