Little 5 Points, a Little Stability in the Ever Changing Face of Atlanta

The face of Atlanta seems to constantly be changing. Everywhere I look, new skyscrapers are blotting out part of the sky, new neighborhoods are being built, new businesses and restaurants are opening, new cities are being formed. It sometimes feels like madness as the once small southern star is turning into a booming metropolis. Through my work I’ve been up close and personal with a majority of these changes and there is no end in sight. So where does one go when you need a little familiarity? A little stability? For me it’s Little 5 Points.

This is not to say that Little 5 is completely immune. A quick trip down Moreland Avenue and the small houses are slowly being replaced by condos and townhomes. New single family home construction is still happening too. And of course there are properties like Station R that allow for both residential and commercial mixed use. But if you head to downtown Little 5 there seems to be a slight slow to the progress.  Junkman’s Daughter, the Vortex, Star Bar, 7 Stages, Criminal Records, the Variety Playhouse, places of my youth and my younger professional life still shine like beacons. I can only hope that they will not go gently.

Welcome to Little 5 Points where things change and yet don’t.

The Icon Residential project at Hardee St. and Moreland Ave. is one of the new projects in Little 5 Points area of Atlanta.

Townhomes aren’t the only new construction in the Little 5 area. Single family homes are also changing the face of the neighborhood.

Station R is finally complete and is one of the newer projects on Moreland changing the face of Little 5 Points.

But don’t worry there are quaint, single family homes still around such as this one.

Or this one on McLendon Ave.

Skyscrapers can be seen behind the Bass Recreation Center.

The downtown section of Little 5 hasn’t changed all that much. There’s still places to eat such as Cameli’s, Tijuana Garage and Front Page News.

Venues such as The Variety Playhouse have been around forever giving the neighborhood a great place to see music and shows.

7 Stages, just like Variety, is another great place to catch a show.

Criminal Records is also another mainstay in the neighborhood.

Of course there’s always some strong opinions in the neighborhood.

You can’t come to Little 5 without a trip to The Vortex.

Or shop around for some ridiculous accessories at Junkman’s Daughter.

For those indoctrinated in Little 5 lore, this unassuming building is of course The Star Bar which is always a great place to end an evening.