Atlanta’s Doll’s Head Trail

From the parking lot at Constitution Lakes follow the paved trail until you get to the namesake lake.


Hidden in the depths of the park at Constitution Lakes is an Atlanta landmark. The Doll’s Head Trail may be one of the creepiest places to catch some exercise in the entire city. Made even worse by the threat of rain on an overcast day, the trail takes on an almost sinister feel after passing by the fishing docks and heading into the woods. Then a sign appears announcing that the DHT is this way and the terror begins. Toys and trash have been reclaimed into art.

Actually it’s a brilliant idea by an unknown artist. The park at Constitution Lakes and the surrounding lowlands used to be absolutely littered as an unofficial dumping site for nearby neighborhoods. Now that has changed and the art, albeit slightly creepy, makes great use for a cleanup effort of the area. Throughout the trail the works of art stand as reminders of some of the eras long past. Record players, small black and white televisions, references to Dominoes’ The Noid, Rosie from The Jetsons and much more can be found along the wooded and somewhat overgrown path.

A sign with a lot of wisdowm. Getting closer to the trail.

Take a left at the boardwalk across the lake to get to Doll’s Head Trail.

Constitution Lakes, where the park gets its name from.

There seems to be a problem with graffiti along the trail as of late.

Just a ladybug hanging out on the trunk of a tree.

A PSA about online bullying.

Looks like a robot and his ball friends.

Eye see you.

Respect the force.

An old pizza mascot turned anti-drug psa.

Elmo has come a long way through the woods.

With this ring…

Stop throwing trash in the woods.

A little Jetsons reference.

Playing the piano in the woods.

Not sure which is the title but I like both of them. Spun Out or A Fan of Art. Pick your favorite.

“Happy Human”

Some of the art hangs on the trunk of a tree along the trail.

A doll’s head sits in an old television.