A First Look at Quarry Yards

Quarry Yards is almost 70 acres that falls on either side of the newly opened Proctor Creek Greenway off of Gary Ave. across from the Bankhead MARTA Station.


Quarry Yards will take a while but the adaptive reuse project on the cusp of the newly opened Proctor Creek Greenway promises to be spectacular. Phase 1 of the 70 acre property is planned to feature 575,000 square feet of Class A office space, 850 residential units, a 300-key hotel, and 75,000 square feet of retail and restaurants.But before that all happens take a look at what Quarry Yards looks like today…

Broken down trucks sit inside a building that will eventually become a food hall and open up into the first phase of the project.

More trucks in disrepair inside the building.

A view out of the back of the building overlooks what will eventually become an envisioned brewpub with an outdoor patio along the creek.

An exterior view from the rear of what is to potentially be a food hall.

A small gangway crosses over Proctor Creek connecting the greenway to a section of buildings that is potentially phase 1-B of Quarry Yards.

Proctor Creek Greenway cuts through the Quarry Yards property.

A raised bridge along the greenway gives a view of some of the smaller buildings in phase one.

Proctor Creek up close and personal.

A look back at the raised bridge.

Reflections of some of the smaller buildings on property can be seen in the creek as well as others along its banks.

A building that was recently filmed in an episode of MacGuyver stands near the entrance to phases 1-B and 2.

Kudzu has overtaken roads and pathways that lead up the hillside to the site of phase 2.

On top of the hillside overlooking phase one and and the city of Atlanta. This area is a demolished apartment complex.

The view of the city of Atlanta from the highest point in Quarry Yards.

Footprints of vanished apartment buildings and sidewalks can still be seen in the ground on top of phase two of the project.

A path leading down to phase 1-B with a large warehouse called Building A.

Building A is a large green and yellow brick and siding structure that used to house repair facilities.

Light filters in through windows in the front of Building A.

Building A opens into a large space that was once used to repair equipment.

The shell of a large steel door guards what used to be a supply and tool locker.

Empty bins that once held different sized bolts sit inside the tool and supply locker.

The exterior bay doors of what might become a brewpub.

When you first walk into the interior of the building.

Part of the foundation has cracked and given way inside the building.

So many bay doors may make for a cool design.

There are plans to add an outdoor patio to overlook the creek.