Murder Kroger Now Gone, 725 Ponce Raises in its Place

Looking back at 725 Ponce as it rises above the Beltline.


The infamous Atlanta landmark Murder Kroger is gone forever but something new is rising in its place. 725 Ponce promises to be a multiple use building to rival most around the city. Meeting and conference space, retail, commercial and something that sets the building apart is that it is right on the Beltline, Ponce de Leon and North avenues and within a stone’s throw of Ponce City Market. The building will also showcase the beauty of concrete by aging it with different techniques giving it a unique look from most buildings in the city and is meant to be an homage to the grittier, industrial landmarks next door, the aforementioned Ponce City Market and the Ford Factory Lofts. Phase 1 is expected to be complete by March of 2019.

Murder Kroger is getting a face lift and a new name, 725 Ponce.

725 Ponce rises above the Ford Factory Lofts building in front of it.

Retaining wall construction for the Kroger above ground parking lot.

Ford Factory Lofts (right) will be dwarfed by the 12 story concrete and glass building.

The Kroger portion of 725 Ponce will actually occupy a second floor as the space to the right will be underground parking.

Putting together the last window frame for the new Kroger.

The new space for Kroger juts out to the left from the main building.

The open air courtyard underneath the main building.

725 Ponce looking up from the Beltline.

A construction worker holds a large concrete saw blade as his partner starts to switch out blades.

A look back through the open air courtyard.

Render 1 comparison “The Library”

A view of the Beltline and Ponce City Market from the second floor outdoor terrace.

This part of the Beltline will eventually be rerouted under the corner of the building and over the bride in between the two pilars.

A first look at some of the office space that is about to be built out.

This very white roof will eventually turn very green with plans to turn it into a complete garden.

Looking over plans for the restaurant space on the second floor.

Some floors will house locker rooms complete with showers to allow tenants to go out and use the Beltline during lunch.

Office space on the third floor.

Some of the first finishing touches are going in including marble walls inside the restrooms.

A view of the newly constructed parking lot for Kroger on the right. The older parking lot on the left will eventually become Phase 2 for 725 Ponce.

A quick stop off at the 12th floor to grab a look at Ponce City Market and the City of Atlanta.

A look at the backside of the Clermont Hotel from around the 9th floor of 725 Ponce.

The seventh floor will hold a three story open air archtectural space. Glass will encase the right side of the building around where the section of floor can be seen on the level above.

The city can be seen behind the construction worker as he screws in the window frame.

Staircases allow workers on the top four floors to walk down to the 8th floor outdoor patio.

A view from the corner of the 8th floor patio.

A look across the street at PCM.

A view from the corner of the 8th floor patio.

A look up at 725 Ponce from PCM next door.

Looking back at 725 Ponce as it rises above the Beltline.