Ponce City Market’s RFD Social, Nine Mile Station and Skyline Park

Big things lay on top of Ponce City Market. The roof features the new RFD Social as well as Skyline Park, Nine Mile Station and the Rooftop Terrace.


Ponce City Market has added three new attractions for its patrons. Giving brilliant skyline views from the roof of the former Sears, Roebuck & Company building, Skyline Park offers mini golf, carnival type rides and games as well as Nine Mile Station, a beer and food hall. In addition RFD Social has opened inside the first two stories of the tower with conference and meeting venues as well as a full bar and lots of cool seating and games to play. RFD has plans to continue to expand up the tower as well but for now two stories will have to suffice….

Come off of the elevator and you are greeted to the entrance of RFD Social.

The main bar inside RFD Social.

To the left of the main entrance of RFD Social has table games like shuffle board and a poker table.

Big comfy red couches with even more games.

To the right of the bar sits more couches, games and a wall of old radios.

The 11th floor of the tower holds RFD Social’s meeting spaces with a large room for big groups.

The 11th floor also has smaller spaces like this conference room.

The 11th floor small space for more intimate meetings.

Just outside RFD Social lies Skyline Park, an amusement park of sorts.

The mini golf course at Skyline Park and The Sideshow building.

Feel like playing a game or two? Try your hand at classic carnival oldies such as Skee-Ball, Ring Toss, basketball or Derby Races.

The Sideshow on top of PCM.

Part of the Atlanta skyline from the roof of Ponce City Market.

Looking directly across Ponce from the roof of Ponce City Market.

Ponce de Leon cuts through the trees and skyline of Atlanta.

The crane at 525 North rises into the view of the Atlanta skyline.

The outdoor patio at Nine Mile Station.

A fire pit overlooks the Atlanta skyline at Nine Mile Station.

A look back from Nine Mile Station towards RFD Social.

Cranes tower above the left side of Ponce City Market as more construction continues in the Ponce and North avenues area.

A view from the top of the slide at Skyline Park shows the mini golf course, Sideshow, Nine Mile Station and the Atlanta Skyline in the background.