Repairs on the I-85 Bridge Collapse

May 3, 2017

At the beginning of April, the I-85 bridge that crosses above Piedmont Road collapsed due to a fire. Thankfully no one was injured during the hours long ordeal. The aftermath however has been long and arduous, snarling the major traffic artery leading into and out of downtown Atlanta. Commuters have had their travel times greatly extended and the already bad traffic situation that the city faces on a daily bases, worsened. Original estimates for repairs led into late November but the Georgia Department of Transportation, the state and the city have come together. Repairs are well underway on the interstate and possible projections (with a giant bonus awarded in the millions of dollars) say that the highway could be completed and back open by as early as May 15. All hands are on deck as construction crews work around the clock to reopen I-85.

Staging of supplies for the repairs to I-85 at Piedmont Rd. begin at the Hwy. 13 bridge.

Repairs continue on the underside of I-85 at Piedmont Rd.

Traffic is down to one lane on Piedmont Rd. as it crosses underneath Hwy. 13 and I-85.

The undersides of Hwy. 13 (right) and I-85 at Piedmont Rd. as construction continues.

Repairs continue on the underside of I-85 at Piedmont Rd.

A cement truck weaves its way through the pylons on the underside of I-85 at Piedmont Rd.

A cross section of wood, steel and concrete of the new bridge on I-85 that crosses over Piedmont Rd.

Construction continues on the I-85 bridge over Piedmont Rd. in Atlanta.

A construction worker reaches across scaffolding atop I-85 as work continues on the bridge over Piedmont Rd.

A construction worker guides a section of steel as it is lowered onto I-85 by a crane.

Workers guide a crane as it lowers a section of cable onto I-85.