Wylie Street Graffiti in Atlanta

August 28, 2017

With the addition and almost completion of the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail Extension, the Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown neighborhoods may see an influx of people enjoying the sidewalks. With a good majority of the extension heading up and down Wylie St., the art along the walls blocking the view of the CSX train yard may get a lot more popular. As of now, a section of the wall near Krog St. Tunnel has already undergone a partial transformation with new graffiti art up and gaining traction. I have photographed some of the newer pieces by themselves but at the bottom of this post I am adding panoramic photos that I have taken starting at the Krog St. Tunnel and making my way up towards Stein Steel.

Artist Lela Brunet’s yellow piece of art is the first one to be seen after turning onto Wylie St. from the Krog St. Tunnel intersection.

Blue Leopard. Artist Unknown. A new addition to the wall along Wylie St. right next to Krog St. Tunnel.

Artist CatLanta

Three heads and lots of awesome colors. Artist Lela Brunet.

No Carbs, Just Sauce or Trap God. Artist Unknown

Lauren. Artist Lonnie Garner.

A.J. DeWitt’s contribution to Wylie St. near Krog St. Tunnel.

Purple is the color of Janice Rago’s piece along Wylie St.

Robot world. Artist Travis Smith

Moving down Wylie St. Artist thoughtthefishr.

Outta Beer Outta Here. Artists Chris Wright and Chris Sturdivant

Artist Sanithna Phansavanh

Heads reminiscent of comic book characters such as the the Human Torch and Magneto float along the red worded background of a newer piece of art near the Krog St. Tunnel side of Wylie St.

The last of the more recent additions to Wylie St. Artist Unknow.

Graffiti near the intersection of Pearl and Wylie streets.

As you walk further up Wylie St. from Krog St. Tunnel the graffiti gets a little older.

Hotlanta. Artist unknown.

More unknown art along Wylie St. as you head towards Reynoldstown.

As you make your way up Wylie St. towards Stein Steel there is this multi-headed piece of art.

Older artwork along Wylie St. is starting to peel away from the walls including this awesome camel.

Artwork has been placed on top of artwork along Wylie St. the closer you get to Stein Steel.

Graffiti across from the Eastside Trail extension on Wylie St. between Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown. Artist tag at the bottom right.

The entrance to Reynoldstown on Wylie St. Artist unkown.

Panorama 1. Starting at Krog St. Tunnel and moving up Wylie St. towards Reynoldstown and Stein Steel.

Panorama 19.. Ending at the brick building just before the Reynodstown mural on Wylie St.