City Springs, Sandy Springs’ New Town Center

There is a ton of new construction going on around Atlanta and Sandy Springs is no exception. The city’s new town center complex, appropriately named City Springs, is well under way and nearing completion. The 15 acre complex will house city hall and city offices, commercial space for dining and shopping, the new performing arts center with two theaters, an underground parking garage, green space with water features and open space and residential complexes. It is a compact space for all of the above mentioned features but since Sandy Springs hasn’t really had a town center as of yet, City Springs is a good start. The property has taken over what was once a strip mall along Johnson Ferry Road, Mt. Vernon and Roswell Road.

The corner of City Springs at Mt. Vernon starts with the residential component, Astin at City Springs.

Sandy Springs’ new city center, City Springs, will house the new city hall, the performing arts center, restaurants, shops, greenspace and a 900 space underground parking garage.

The Performing Arts Center inside City Springs will hold two theaters, multiple smaller spaces and numerous kitchens.

Byers Theatre inside the Performing Arts Center side of City Springs.

The Studio Theatre in the PAC side of City Springs will not only hold small to medium events but will be the home to city council meetings.

The grand staircase leading up to the main entrance into City Hall from Johnson Ferry.

The main entrance into City Hall from the street side of City Springs.

This space will hold the community development offices inside City Hall.

The green space at City Springs is still being worked on while the residential section is close to completion.

The City View Terrace on the third floor of City Hall can host outdoor events while overlooking the parks area of City Springs.

The conference level inside City Hall will have convertable rooms to house any sized event or meeting.

The far corner of City Springs is known as Market Square.

Market Square will not only sport large fountains but also house the commercial section of City Springs with restaurants and shops.

The 900 space underground parking garage at City Springs.

Astin at City Springs will be the residential component to Sandy Springs’ new city center.