Wylie Street Graffiti Art in Cabbagetown

I’ve walked down Wylie Street admiring the art numerous times. With Krog Street Tunnel being a graffiti haven within the city, the area changes quite often. Artists come equipped with spray paint and muses, turning their ideas into beautiful art. Usually coming through the tunnel I take a left and head towards Reynoldstown, following the proposed path for part of the Atlanta Beltline. This time however, after walking the tunnel, I turned right and headed for Cabbagetown. Some familiar names popped up as I passed mural after mural heading towards the Fulton Cotton Mill. Rising Red Lotus, Erin Bassett, Greg Mike, Joe King, Sever, Fabian are just a few of the names I saw attached to these amazing works of art. Come take a trip with me once again down Wylie Street.

We head down Wylie St. from Krog St. Tunnel Pocket Park in Cabbagetown taking a look at some of the murals heading toward Carroll St.

This mural has been up for a few years now in memory of Laura Calle.

Rising Red Lotus put up this Japanese inspired comic strip.

Multiple murals from multiple artists along Wylie St. heading towards Carroll St.

Erin Bassett’s mural gives way to Greg Mike’s take on Where the Wild Things Are.

Another one from Atlanta’s Greg Mike.

Tree shadows play perfectly against William Mize’s house mural along Wylie.

Joe King’s mural hides behind the stand of trees along Wylie St.

Sever (left) and Lauren Pallotta are the artists behind these two murals.

Three murals back to back by 1YoungMickey, William Bruce Mitchell and Fabian.

There was no tag on this mural but the shading detail on the diving bird is top notch.

Another big mural along Wylie St. by Jert and Big Teeff.

Sam Parker is the artist behind this piece which is dedicated to three residents who have since passed away.

The last of the big murals on Wylie St. is a piece by Nick Turbo and Lilla Webb.

Murals by Brooke Powell and others line the back side of the Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts in Cabbagetown.