A Walking Tour of Glenwood Park in Atlanta

By this point in time Glenwood Park is an established neighborhood off of I-20 on the east side of Atlanta. The houses and apartments and condos are built, retail shopping developments have cropped up, and a flood of people have moved into the area that was once small, rundown, single family homes. There is a decent sized park with the same name surrounded by single family homes that sport contrasting architecture. Brownstone-esque condos line Glenwood Ave. across from shops such as The Cake Hag, Rhen’s Nest Toy Shop and Relish Salon as well as restaurants which will no doubt be familiar to foodies in town. Gunshow, The Shed, and Vickery’s Bar & Grill to name a few. It is some of the best mixed-use development that Atlanta has to offer.

Townhomes line Bill Kennedy Way in Glenwood Park on one side of the street..

More brick townhomes along Bill Kennedy Way.

Enso offers apartment living on the other side of the street.

Further down the street is retail and restaurant shopping.

The Cake Hag is just one of many retail spaces open in Glenwood Park.

Although missing its water feature for the time being, the actual park at Glenwood Park sprawls through a section of single family homes along Faith Ave. and Glenwood Park Dr.

Single family homes along Glenwood Park Dr.

One of the numerous entrances to the actual park along Faith Ave.

More single family homes around the actual Glenwood Park.

Glenwood Park is a conflux of single family homes, townhomes, apartments, retail and restaurants as well as green space.