The Kirkwood, An Atlanta Neighborhood’s Newest Residential Offering

When I think of Kirkwood, I think of single family homes, tree lined streets, lots of shade, a great little downtown area that is host to a wine stroll, a neighborhood that is very community focused, music and more. Downtown Kirkwood, while only a few blocks long, is going to be home to something fairly new for the neighborhood…apartments. The Kirkwood will encompass over 200 units. There will be 15 different floor plans, a parking deck and all of the usual amenities. A courtyard, pool, fitness center etc. The best feature is simply proximity to the downtown area as the complex rests just a half block down Howard St. off of Hosea.

A few doors down from Augusta Designs on Howard St. sits The Kirkwood, a 200+ unit apartment complex that sits not only on Howard but also Doyle and Bixby streets.

The corner side of The Kirkwood on Howard St.

A look at The Kirkwood from Howard St. which comes complete with its own 400 space parking deck.

A few of the units have yet to be built to allow heavy machinery to access the interior courtyard at The Kirkwood.

Construction continues looking back toward Howard St. from the beginning of the parking deck.

The interior courtyard of The Kirkwood where the foundation for the pool has already been poured.

A look at the exterior from the Doyle St. side.

The interior space in the largest unit available at The Kirkwood.

This rustic looking space will eventually become the leasing offices as well as the community room.

When fully finished, this massive area will be the fitness space.

The Kirkwood from the Bixby St. side.